International Agreement Template

May 31, 2011

Agreement Number ______________ [agreement number is to be entered]

Date: dd/mm/yyyy [date of agreement creation]

The following agreement is between two parties:-

Name: __________ [name of 1st party]

Address ___________ [address of 1st party]


Name: __________ [name of 2nd party]

Address ___________ [address of 2nd party]

This agreement is effectual from ___/___/___ [date of commencement] and ends on ___/___/___ [date of termination]

Term & conditions:

  • Tasks assigned to each party __________ [the individual job of each party as agreed upon by both]
  • Compensation clause: ___________________ [conditions regarding payment are to be mentioned]

The above conditions have been agreed upon by both parties and validated below:-

Signature and seal of 1st party _________________ [Signature by 1st party]

Signature and seal of 2nd party _________________ [Signature by 2nd party]

Download International Agreement Template In Word Format

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