Equipment Bill of Sale Template

June 2, 2011

The following are for future reference

Name of purchaser_____________________

Address of purchaser_________________________

Contact number of purchaser ________________

Date of purchase __________ (dd/mm/yy)

Shop name ____________________

Address of the shop _________________

Bill no _______________ (essential for future reference)

Equipments bought _______________ (mention the name of the equipment bought, cost , weight and any other detail as needed)

Total amount to be paid $________________ (the amount that the customer owes to the seller on account of the purchase)

The transaction was made in the form of _______________by the customer to the seller (cash/ credit/debit card/ cheque)

Signature of buyer _________________ date ___________________

Signature of seller ______________________ date ____________________

Download Equipment Bill of Sale Template in Word Format

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