E mail Brochure Template

June 3, 2011

Logo: ________________ [printed at a top left side of the brochure]

Name of the brand: ___________________________________

Image: __________________ [a high resolution image is printed to make an e-mail brochure template more interactive]

Who we are: __________________ [functioning criteria of the company is mentioned including professional background]

We deals in: _____________________ [a description of products and services is explained here in order to provide an overview]

Best deals for you: _________________ [a briefing of different deals is mentioned here, including complete package and cost]

We offer: _______________________ [interactive discounts and offers are mentioned here to earn the leads]

Approach us:

Email id: __________________

Website: _________________ [contact details are mentioned here to help the interested customers]

Download E-mail Brochure Template in Word Format

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