Networking Email Template

June 17, 2011

A networking email template is the format in which networking email is drafted. The email needs to be written in a formal yet simple language so that it is easy to understand and also mention the details of your company and amount required to be invested for joining the business.
Sample Networking Email Template

____________ [name of the client]

____________ [name of the client’s company, if any]

Subject: ___________ [reason for writing the email]

Dear ___________ [name with appropriate title before it],

We are happy to know about your interest to be a part of our business. We ___________ [name of the company] deal in _______________ [kind of products the company sells or the type of business they deal in].

In order to get more information about our business you can visit our website ____________ [website name] and can also contact our consultant to know the investment amount.


_________ [name of the sender]

___________ [designation of the sender]

______________ [name of the company]

Download Networking Email Template in Word Format

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