Thank You Email Template

June 17, 2011

A thank you email template is the format in which we write an email when we thank someone for a favor they have done for us. The words used in this email should make the person feel that we are actually thankful to him for their help.
Sample Thank You Email Template

___________ [name of the recipient]

___________ [email id of the recipient]

Dear ______________ [name of the recipient],

I would like to thank you for ______________ [reason for saying thank you or the favor done by the recipient]. I wonder what would have happened if you had not been there.

I have realized that how important your friendship is in my life and I am grateful to have friends like you. I will remember this favor of yours for the rest of my life and once again thank you from the deepest core of my heart.

Thanking you,

Yours lovingly,

_________________ [name of the sender]

Download Thank You Email Template in Word Format

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