Web Design Invoice Template

June 20, 2011

Web Design invoice templates are used by web designers who take up contracts for designing websites and managing them for various clients. The template give details regarding the services offered and the amount charged for the same.

Sample Web Design Invoice Template

Web Design Invoice


[Name of the Web Designer/Web Designing Company]

Invoice Number: ___________________        Invoice Date: _____________________

Address of the Web Designer: ________________________

Customer Information:

Name of the Company / Individual: ______________________________ [Name of the customer]

Service for: ____________________________________________

Billing Address: ____________________________________________________________

Assignment Description: ___________ [Give full details of the assignment]

Submission of the Completed website: ____________________ [Date of submission]

Mode of Payment: Cash / Credit Card / Any other [Please Specify]

Order Information:

Quantity     Product Description                      Rate                  Amount

_______    Site Design                         ______________ _______________

_______    Web Management                       ______________ _______________

_______    Search Engine Optimization           ______________ _______________

_______    __________________________     ______________ _______________

Subtotal:            _______________

Tax:                  _______________

Grand Total:               _______________

Signature: _________________________________


Download Web Design Invoice Template in Word Format

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