Address Label Template

June 21, 2011

Address labels are labels which helps us to identify the person from whom we receive a mail or we get to know the name of the person to whom the mail is addressed to. Address labels are usually stuck with adhesive on the parcel or the letter that we are mailing. An address label contains details like name and address and also sometimes telephone number. This label helps us to trace the person who has sent it, in case the mail gets lost.

Sample Address Label Template:


__________ [name of the person or organization to whom the mail is being sent]

___________ [street name in which that person is residing or the organization is located]

___________ [state name and zip code]

____________ [telephone number of the person or organization]

With best wishes from,

___________________ [name of the individual sending the mail]

__________________ [street name]

__________________ [state name and zip code]

___________________ [contact number]

On behalf of: ______________ [name of the organization in which the individual is working]

Download Address Label Template in Word Format



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