Coffee Label Template

June 21, 2011

A Coffee Label Template refers to the layout of the label which is found on the packets and containers selling coffee powder. The label has all the important details related to the product like the ingredients, manufacturing information, price and others.

Sample Coffee Label Template

________________________________ [Name of the coffee]

Date of Packaging_______________________ [State the date on which the powder was packaged]

Date of Expiry __________________________ [State the date of expiry after which the coffee powder should not be used.]


Ingredients: –                        Composition:-

1) [Ingredient 1]                  ______________%

2) [Ingredient 2]                  ______________%

3) [Ingredient 3]                   ______________%

4) [Ingredient 4]                   _______________%

The total cost of the package including taxes_____________________ [State the marked price of the coffee powder inclusive of the specific amount of taxes]

Quantity of coffee____________________ [State the precise amount of quantity packed in units in the particular package]

States where it cannot be sold ___________________

Name of the brand of coffee, the manufacturer_____________

Address of the factory ________________ [state where the coffee was processed and the name of the company with its address.]

Contact number ___________ [state the number where consumers can address their feedback.]

Download Coffee Label Template in Word Format



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