Luggage Label Template

June 21, 2011

Luggage label template is very useful in keeping track of the luggage while traveling. By the help of such template the risk of losing luggage can be avoided and it also helps in proper handling of the luggage.

Sample Luggage Label Template

Name _________________________ [name of the person to whom the luggage belongs to]

Address ____________________________________________ [mention he complete address of the person to whom the luggage belongs to]

Contact Number ______________

Email Address _______________

Material contained ____________________ [mention about the kind of materials that is present in the luggage because that would help others to handle your luggage in a proper way]


If the luggage gets misplaced then kindly drop this into the address above or kindly contact at this alternative number.

Alternative contact number _________________________ [To be on the safe side one must mention an another alternative contact number]

The material contain in this luggage is fragile, so kindly handle it with proper care.

Download Luggage Label Template in Word Format



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