Soda Label Template

June 21, 2011

A Soda label template represents the design in which the label on the bottle of soda is made. These templates include all the necessary details about that particular soda. It should be appealing to attract buyers.

Sample Soda Label Template

_____________________________ [name of the soda]

Image _________________________________ [logo of the company which has manufactured and marketed the soda]

Packaging date ________________________ [date on which the soda is packed]

Best before ______________________________ [expiry date after which consuming the soda can be harmful]

How to open: ___________________________ [direction for opening the bottle]

Price: ___________________ [mention the net price of the soda including all service taxes]

Company name ______________ [name of the company who has manufactured and marketed the soda]

Factory Address _________________ [address of the company]

Contact details _________________ [email address and phone number]

Email ID ___________________ [Contact ID for feedbacks and suggestions]

Warning: do not swallow the opener, please dispose it after opening the bottle

Download Soda Label Template in Word Format

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