Spice Jar Label Template

June 21, 2011

A spice jar label template must indicate the ingredients used to make the spice mixture, the date of packaging and the date of expiry. Manufacturing details must also be given and the nutritional value of the mixture must also be highlighted for the consumer.

Sample Spice Jar Label Template

________________________________________ [Name of the spice mixture]

Date of manufacture: __________________________

Date of expiry: _______________________________ [Provide details of the relevant dates]


Spice A: __________________%

Spice B: __________________%

Spice C: __________________%

[Mention the constituent elements of the spice mixture in their correct proportion]

Type of dishes this spice mixture can be used in: _____________________________________

[Give a few dishes which will be well-suited to the spice mixture]

Quantity to be used: _____________________ [Provide an approximate estimate of the quantity of the spice mixture to be used for flavoring]

Nutritional value: ___________________________________

[Briefly mention the nutritional value of the various ingredients constituting the spice mix]

Manufacturing company: _____________________________

Address: __________________________________________

[Mention relevant details]

Download Spice Jar Label Template in Word Format

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