Wine label template

June 21, 2011

Wine label template represents the label on the wine bottles and cans that contain all the minute details regarding a particular wine.

Sample Wine label template

_________________________________ [name of the wine]

Packaging date ____________ [date on which the wine is packed]

Best before _____________ [expiry date after which consuming might cause harm]

Ingredients: [mention about all the essential ingredients that is being used along with their proportion]

Ingredient                          Proportion [in %]

1. [Component]                  ________%

2. [Component]                  ________%

3. [Component]                  ________%

4. [Component]                  ________%

5. [Component]                  ________%

Price including all service taxes __________ [mention the price of the wine]

Not for sale at _____________ [mention if there are states or countries where marketing of the wine is prohibited or not allowed]

Company name ______________ [name of the company who has manufactured and marketed]

Factory Address _________________ [address of the company]

Contact number _________________

Liquor consumption is highly restricted for people below _________years of age [mention the minimum age limit]

Download Wine label template in Word Format



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