Admission Letter Template

June 22, 2011

An admission letter template is the format in which an application for admission in a University or an Educational Institution needs to be written. The details to be mentioned in the template include name and address of the student, name and address of the University, name of the course and previous educational qualification as well.

Sample Admission Letter Template


____________ [name of the student]

____________ [street address]

____________ [city name]

___________ [state and postal code]


_________________ [name of the university]

_________________ [department name]

_________________ [address of the university]

Respected ________________ [name of the dean with appropriate title before it],

I would like to apply take admission in the _________________ [name of the course] for the session ____________ [year of beginning and ending of the course].

I am a ___________________ [last educational qualification] from ______________ [name of the educational institution]. I would request you to please let me know the procedure for admission in your University.

Yours faithfully,

____________ [name of the student]

Download Admission Letter Template in Word Format

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