Apology Letter Template

June 22, 2011

An apology letter template is the format in which an apology letter is drafted. An apology letter can be official as well as a personal one. These types of templates should contain various details like the name of the person to whom we are apologizing and the reason for apologizing.

Sample Apology Letter Template

Respected ____________ [name of the recipient with appropriate title before it],

I would like to apologize for my __________ [mention the reason why you are apologizing]. I understand that I have been __________ [mention the further details of the incident for which you feel apologized]

I would like to inform you that I have____________ [if there are any justifications for your act you can mention here. I will make sure that such action is not repeated in future. I would request you to forgive me for whatever I have done. [Finally promise the recipient that such actions will not be repeated again]

Thanking you,

____________ [name of the sender]

Download Apology Letter Template in Word Format

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