Authorization Letter Template

June 22, 2011

An authorization letter template is a format in which a letter to give permission or authority for a certain work purpose needs to be written.  The letter should state the purpose or activity for which the authority is being given. This kind of letter is usually a legal a document which acts as an evidence.

Sample Authorization Letter Template

Dear ____________________ [name of the recipient with appropriate title before it],

I, on behalf of ______________ [name of the organization] give you the permission to shoot your documentary film at our premise.

We have reviewed your application for shooting permission and have realized that you are making this film for a social cause and there is no commercial element attached to it. We give you authority to shoot on ________________ [date of authorization] between __________________ to ______________ [timings]. You also have to ensure that no property is damaged while your shooting takes place. [The main body of the article]


_____________ [name of the sender]

_____________ [designation]

_____________ [name of the body giving authorization]

Download Authorization Letter Templatee in Word Format

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