Congratulation Letter Template

June 22, 2011

A congratulation letter template is a format which lays down the design in which a congratulation letter is drafted. These types of letter templates can be used personally as well as professionally. The congratulation letter should be drafted in such a manner so that it conveys your good wishes to the recipient.

Sample Congratulation Letter Template

Dear _______________ [name of the recipient],

I recently got the news that you got _____________ [mention the reason for which you are congratulating an individual]. I would like to congratulate you for __________ [mention the accomplishment once again.

I know that you _________________ [give more details about the event or accomplishment which the recipient has achieved]

I really feel proud and happy for your accomplishment and ______________ [mention in brief that how happy you are at the accomplishment of the person]. Enjoy this victorious moment and we will wait for our party!!!


Your friend

____________ [name of the sender].

Download Congratulation Letter Template in Word Format

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