Tax Letter Template

June 22, 2011

Tax Letter Template are the ready to use format for writing a letter related to tax issues. These types of letter templates can be used for various reasons like tax deduction, tax refund and others.

Sample Tax Letter Template

[Name of the Sender]

[Address of the Sender]

[Contact Details of the Sender]

Date: _____________________


The Inland Revenue Officer,

[Address of the Inland Revenue Office],

Dear Sir or Madam,

Subject: Claim for tax reduction

I have received the tax evaluation for the following economical year(s) ___________________.

According to the calculations, I have to pay an additional amount of _________________ [Amount of money] as tax for __________________ [Enter the year here]. However, according to the new tax policy ________________________ [Policy Number] my tax amount comes to ______________ [amount of tax].

I am therefore requesting that under the provisions of ________________ [Number of Tax law or policy] the tax evaluation should be changed accordingly.

I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.


[Signature of the Sender]

Download Tax Letter Template in Word Format



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