Audit Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Audit manuals are designed specifically for the auditors, which gives them a clear idea of how to carry an evaluation process of a person, company, enterprise, project or product efficiently. Thus, an audit manual template should outline the important points by the help of which an auditor can do the needful for the particular job of auditing.

Sample Audit Manual Template

Purpose of the audit __________________ [mention the purpose of designing the audit manual]

An introduction page ___________________ [give a brief idea of the overall audit process, its necessaries and effectiveness to the readers, so that they could carry out an effective auditing]

Index: ________ [list the names of the topic]

Mention various steps for carrying the entire process of auditing _______________________

Frequently asked questions __________________ [emphasize on this section, as this questions and answers clears various doubts of the reader]

Reference __________ [mention other reference through which the auditors could gain more knowledge on the particular matter]

Download Audit Manual Template in Word Format

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