Brand Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A brand may be launched in the market from a particular department of an organization or as a completely independent wing. Whatever be its forms, most brands come with a manual of their own which provides all its workers, stakeholders and clients with a detailed knowledge of its existence and the products and services offered. A brand manual template is thus presented comprehensively, containing the major aspects covered in the manual.

Sample Brand Manual Template:

Brand Name: _______________________________ [mention clearly the name of the brand]

Establishment: ________________ [year]

Branding Strategy: [mention the strategies adopted by the brand and their significance in garnering profits]

  • __________________ [strategy 1]

__________________________________________ [description of strategy 1]

________________________________ [impact of strategy 1]

  • ___________________ [strategy 2]

___________________________________________ [description of strategy 2]

_________________________________ [impact of strategy 2]

  • ____________________ [strategy 3]

___________________________________________ [description of strategy 3]

_________________________________ [impact of strategy 3]

Branding Campaign: _______________________________________ [mention methods adopted to spread the brand]

Logo Overviews: _______________________________ [analyze the logo and its importance as a brand identity, with proper diagram and illustrations]

Communications: _____________________________________ [give details of existing clients and promising customers]

Protecting Our Brand: ____________________________________________ [devise some new ways to save the brand in the present competitive market structure]

Download Brand Manual Template in Word Format

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