Company Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A company is defined as a profitable organization wherein a large number of people work together to bring forth desirable results, be it in terms of cash inflow or customer satisfaction, and hence a manual needs to be prepared to make the employees aware of the company where one is working. Thus, a company manual template is an important tool for making the employees understands the company’s need.

Sample Company Manual Template:

Name of the Company: ____________________________ [mention the name of the company]

Call us at: _____________________________ [provide contact details of the company]

Establishment: ________________ [year]

Motto of the Company: ___________________________ [mention the motto that is followed by the company]

Products manufactured by the company: [mention the products that are sold in the market]

  • _________________ [product 1]

__________________________________________ [characteristics of product 1]

_________________ [market value of product 1]

  • __________________ [product 2]

___________________________________________ [characteristics of product 2]

__________________ [market value of product 2]

Services offered: [mention the services that are unique to the company’s propaganda]

  • ____________________________________________ [services offered to the employees
  • _____________________________________________ [services offered to the customers]

Get more information about our company on ________________________

Download Company Manual Template in Word Format

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