Installation Manual Template

June 23, 2011

An installation manual contains necessary information for the proper installation of a particular electronic or circuit equipment, and explains the physical and electrical characteristics of the unit. Hence, an installation manual template needs to be a systematic overview of the manual elements.

Sample Installation Manual Template:

Name of the device: ___________________________

Document Revision History: ____________________ [should mention the date of release of previous articles, in a chronological order]

Service Bulletin List:

It is to be represented in a tabular form containing following topics:

  • Service Bulletin No.
  • Subject
  • Manual Revision
  • Revision Date

Table of Illustrations:

  • [Diagram 1]                                        Page number ______ to ______
  • [Diagram 2]                                        Page number ______ to ______

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction and General Information                                   Page Number _____ to _____
  • Purpose of the Equipment                                                      Page Number _____ to _____
  • Application                                                                             Page Number _____ to _____
  • Installation                                                                              Page Number _____ to _____
  • Troubleshooting and Safety                                                   Page Number _____ to _____

The following sections would contain descriptions and drawings for reference, to make the topics of the tables understandable to the user.

Download Installation Manual Template in Word Format

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