Instructions Manual Template

June 23, 2011

Instructions manual are now days provided with almost all products, to avoid damage at the primary instance and ensure proper functioning. This type of manual is made user-friendly to the maximum possible extent to avoid any sort of further confusion. Hence, an instructions manual template should provide an extensive outline of the documents as mentioned in the manual.

Sample Instructions Manual Template:

Name of the Product: ______________________________ [Provide the name of the commodity or service for which the manual is made]

Certification Information: ______________________ [Provide details of brand name and the quality standards]

Authorized Use Permission: _______________________ [Mention the use norms as permitted]

Getting Started:

________________________ [topic 1]

______________________________________ [description of topic 1]

_________________________ [topic 2]

______________________________________ [description of topic 2]

[Mention details of various technicalities involved]

Using the System:

_______________________ [topic 1]

____________________________________________ [Explanation of topic 1]

_______________________ [topic 2]

____________________________________________ [Explanation of topic 2]

[Mention the functions of various parts of the system and their proper modes of usage]

Special Instructions for error correction: ____________________________________ [Mention ways to handle damage]


___________________ [term 1]

__________________________________ [define term 1]

______________________ [term 2]

___________________________________ [define term 2]

Help Desk: _________________________ [Give emergency contact details]


Download Instructions Manual Template in Word Format

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