IT Manual Template

June 23, 2011

An IT manual template is the layout of a manual that depicts the operation related to information technology and guidelines for handling any particular section of it. Thus, it should be designed professionally, yet courteously.

Sample IT Manual Template

Name of the company _________________________

Department of the employee ______________________

Index: [mention the areas covered in an IT manual so that it would help an individual to navigate on the particular section he is searching for]

  • _____________[ name of the topic 1]       page number ____ to ____
  • _____________[ name of the topic 2]       page number ____ to ____
  • _____________[ name of the topic 3]       page number ____ to ____

Overview of the topics: [this section should contain details of the above mentioned topics]

  • Name of the topic 1 ________________

Details _____________________

  • Name of the topic 2 _________________

Details _____________________

  • Name of the topic 3 ____________

Details ______________________

Download IT Manual Template in Word Format


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