Job Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A job manual is basically an official document that provides to the employees of an organization a detailed description of the specific job that has been assigned to them. It outlines the norms of the task to be performed and also an analysis of various related aspects. Hence a job manual template must contain the salient features as depicted in the manual.

Sample Job Manual Template:

Job Title: ___________________________________ [Herein the proper title of the particular job is to be mentioned].

An Introduction of the job: _______________________________________________ [Briefly introduce the job to the workers].

Job objectives: _____________________________________ [this section should state clearly the objectives of performing the job].

Record of participants: [mention details of all people associated with the job]

____________________________ [name of candidate]

____________ [employee code]

_____________________ [work timings] [herein put the time span for which the person is assigned to work]

________________________ [contact details of employee]

Job Procedure: [provide step-by-step instructions to carry out the job]

___________________ [process 1]

__________________________________________ [explanation of process 1]

___________________ [process 2]

___________________________________________ [explanation of process 2]

Definition of important terms: [define various technical terms related to the job and used in the manual]

_____________________ [term 1]

_____________________________________ [describe term 1]

____________________ [term 2]

________________________________________ [describe term 2]

Download Job Manual Template in Word Format

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