Operations and Maintenance Manual Template

June 23, 2011

An operations and maintenance manual is provided to the members of an organization to provide necessary information regarding the handling of the system and its maintenance. It provides details on how to operate the project effectively. An operations and maintenance manual template is thus used to provide a comprehensive explanation of the respective manual.

Sample Operations and Maintenance Manual Template:

Purpose of the system _________________ [mention the intended use]

Intended audience ______________________ [mention the user base of the manual]

System Description: [provide information regarding the key features such as functionality, inventory, system architecture, etc.]

_______________ [topic 1]

___________________________________ [definition and scope of topic 1]

_______________ [topic 2]

____________________________________ [definition and scope of topic 2]

Application Installation:

  • Access controls
  • Configuration
  • Starting, stopping and suspending the system

Design Parameters _______________________ [several technicalities of the system should be mentioned herein, with diagrams as and when required]

System Usage _________________________________ [mention how the system is used]

System Management _______________________________ [mention how the system requires to be managed]

Risk Assessments ________________________ [information regarding the possible risks and their handling procedures are to be provided]

Contact List _________________________ [mention name, address and contact numbers of important personnel related to the project]

Download Operations and Maintenance Manual Template in Word Format

Incoming Sample Templates:

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