Restaurant Manager Training Manual Template

June 23, 2011

A Restaurant manager training manual template is the layout of the manual, which is being provided to the restaurant manager. This manual design all the knowledge related to restaurant supervision and management.

Sample Restaurant Manager Training Manual Template

Name of the restaurant ______________________________

Contact details ____________________________

Established in _______________________ [year]

Contents: [this section contents the topic name along with its page number]

  • Areas to supervise on                     Page number _______ to ________
  • Quality control of the food             Page number _______ to ________
  • Safety related to food                      Page number _______ to ________
  • Employee management                   Page number _______ to ________
  • Accounts management                    Page number _______ to ________
  • Taxes related to the restaurant        Page number _______ to ________
  • Knowledge about the Acts              Page number _______ to ________

The next following sections would contain details about each of the above mentioned topics so that the individual for this post understand the job better through his manual

Download Restaurant Manager Training Manual Template in Word Format














































































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