User Manual Template

June 23, 2011

User manual is an important part of a product sale. This is an effective tool for guiding an individual regarding the uses, functionality or operation of a particular product. Hence, user manual template outlines effectively the user guide of any particular product.

Sample User Manual Template

Name of the product ____________________________________

A cover page ______________________________ [this section should give the introduction of the manual]

An index page _____________________________ [containing the names of the section along with its page number so that it is easier for the user to find out the exact topic]

Technical specifications and uses of the product part _______________________________ [this section must contain the details of each product part, its functionality and usage]

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) ____________________________ [this section should contain all the questions that an user generally look for while using the particular product]

Further resources __________________ [mention few links and other help resources through which the users need other queries would be satisfied]

Download User Manual Template in Word Format

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