Medical Certificate Template

June 23, 2011

A Medical certificate template is a representation of a certificate provided by a physician to an individual certifying the state of his or her health. This kind of certificates is used by people while taking medical leave and other benefits. They serve as an evidence of a person’s health condition.

Sample Medical Certificate Template

This is to certify that on ________ [date] I have examined ____________________ [name of the person/ patient] who according to my opinion is ________________________ [Mention physically fit or unfit. If suffering from any illness mention the name of it].

Hence, he will be / was ________________________ [If physically unfit then mention you would be unable to attend work or school] from _________________ [date] to ____________ [date, No need to mention this date if physically fit].

Comments: _______________________________________ [If necessary, mention other comments regarding the person’s health]

Doctors name ___________________

Address _____________________

Signature ______________ [signature of the doctor is required who is certifying the health condition]

Download Medical Certificate Template in Word Format

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