Action Plan Template

June 28, 2011

An action plan template is a layout for the designing of an action plan. Action plan is a vague but expressive term for a number of plans which fall under its aegis. Depending on what the plan is about, action plans are variable. However, they must be comprehensive and informative, well planned and organized in order to be of value.

Sample Action Plan Template:

Name: _______________________________________ [Name of the plan]

Nature of the plan: __________________________ [Mention the kind of action being framed in the action plan]

Purpose of the action plan: ________________________________ [Mention the purpose and relevance of an action plan]

Measure taken to complete the action successfully:

  • Action 1: _______________________
  • Action 2: _______________________
  • Action 3: _______________________ [Enlist the specific actions that are to be taken in order to fulfill the strategies of the action plan]

Core team designing the action team: ____________________________ [Mention the members designing and conceptualizing the action plan]

Contact number for more information: ____________________________ [Provide a valid contact number]

Download Action Plan Template in Word Format


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