Test Plan Template

June 28, 2011

A test plan template outlines a test plan which is a document having the details of a systematic approach of how to test a software or even a machine.  It has all the details of how eventually the work will be preceded.

Sample Test Plan Template

Test case _________________ [The item to be tested]

Detailed description _______________________ [details of the case and how it’s supposed to work]

Name of the person and team members __________________________ [mention the name of all the persons carrying out the test]


Test plan

Step no            Description of step        Result expected            Obtained Result

[Mention all the details such as number of steps as well as how it’s performed and the results expected and obtained.]

Defect obtained

Defect 1 ______________

Defect 2 ________________

[Details of the defects obtained while carrying out test]

Remedies to be carried out ______________________ [mention the steps to be taken to remove the defect and for proper functioning of the case]

Download Test Plan Template in Word Format

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