Academic Presentation Template

June 29, 2011

An academic presentation template must clearly emphasize the goals of the project and also mention the references one has cited in order to be ethically acceptable, as well as contribute to the existing body of knowledge of a particular discipline.

Sample Academic Presentation Template

Name: _______________________________________________________

Topic of research: ______________________________________________

[Mention the relevant details]

Source of grants for research: _______________________________________________________

[Mention your sources of research funds, naming any grant that you have received for this project]

My aim in choosing this topic: ________________________________________________________ [Elucidate the reasons why you have chosen this topic and how you hope it will contribute substantially to the existing body of research in this field]

The resources I have used for this project: _______________________________________________________

[Mention, with full citation details if possible, the print and electronic resources you will use for this research]

Approximate number of words: ______________________________________________________ [Mentin the approximate number of words this project will run into]

Time estimated for completion: ___________________________ [years]

[Fill in relevant details]

Download Academic Presentation Template in Word Format

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