Annual Report Presentation Template

June 29, 2011

An annual report presentation must highlight the achievements of a company in a particular fiscal year. It must ensure complete transparency and clarity for proper understanding of a company’s performance. An annual report presentation template must include these concerns.

Sample Annual Report Presentation Template

Compiler’s name: ______________________________________________

Designation: __________________________________________________________

Fiscal year: __________________________________________________________ [mention the relevant details]

A brief outline of the overall performance for this fiscal year: ______________________________________________

[Give a succinct yet comprehensive outline of the performance for the year in question]

Improvements from previous year: _________________________________________________________ [Mention the progress made with regards to the previous years, in terms of finances as well as high-performing departments]

Negative trends of this year: ________________________________________________

[Mention the negative growth of the company in this year, in terms of finances as well performance]

Trends shown: ______________________________________________________

Draw your conclusion from the assessments and present them before the panel]

Scope for improvement: ______________________________________________________

[Mention the changes that can be shown in certain specific areas]

Download Annual Report Presentation Template in Word Format


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