Engineering Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

An engineering presentation template is created by an engineer or engineering students to give a technology based presentation to an audience for work purposes. It consists of main aim, objective, method along with interesting facts and figures.

Sample Engineering Presentation Template

_______________________ [presentation title]

_____________________ [name of person giving the presentation]

_________________________ [name of the firm or institute that the person belongs to]

Date _____ dd/mm/yyyy [date of the presentation]

Main idea ______________ [main aim or goal of the presentation]

Method _______________________ [processes involved in creating it]

Technicalities _____________________ [technical details of the same]

Principle _________________ [the law or rule it is based on]

Main facts [main highlights]                                figures [important descriptive figures used]

_______________ [main fact 1]                             ___________________ [main figure1]

_______________ [main fact 2]                             ___________________ [main figure 2]

_______________ [main fact 3]                             ___________________ [main figure 3]

_______________ [main fact 4]                             ___________________ [main figure 4]

_______________ [main fact 5]                             ___________________ [main figure 5]

Download Engineering Presentation Template in Word Format


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