Executive Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

An executive presentation template is a layout of a corporate presentation used by executives for elaboration of any ideas or plans that shall be undertaken or any project that has just terminated. It consists of milestones, overview, method and any such detail as needed or deemed fit.

Sample Executive Presentation Template

________________ [presentation title]

____________________________ [name of the person/ people involved in it]

_________________________ [name of the firm or organisation making the presentation]

Milestones _______________ [main aim of the presentation]

Overview _________________________ [brief idea of the presentation]

Method ________________________ [the process involved in the presentation]

Technology used ______________________ [technical details of the project]

Customers aimed ______________________ [marketing and endorsement involved in the project]

Cost of the project _____________________ [prices and costs needed or used in the project]

Main highlights [major points of the presentation]

_______________ [main highlight1]

_______________ [main highlight 2]

_______________ [main highlight 3]

_______________ [main highlight 4]

_______________ [main highlight 5]

_______________ [main highlight 6]

Download Executive Presentation Template in Word Format


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