Idea Presentation Template

June 28, 2011

An Idea presentation template is an essential layout by the help of which one can present his or her idea in a comprehensive and presentable way in front of the audience.

Sample Idea Presentation Template

_______________________________ [Mention the title of your idea presentation]

Name ________________________ [Name of the person presenting the idea]


[Mention the objective behind generating these ideas]

Idea [Mention all your Idea]                           Strategy [strategy made for fulfilling ideas]

________ [Idea 1]                                          _________________ [Strategy for idea 1]

________ [Idea 2]                                          _________________ [Strategy for idea 2]

________ [Idea 3]                                          _________________ [Strategy for idea 3]

________ [Idea 4]                                          _________________ [Strategy for idea 4]

________ [Idea 5]                                          _________________ [Strategy for idea 5]

Approximate time required ________________ Years [Mention the approximate duration required in years to implement the ideas by following strategies]

Ideas could be implemented through following strategies as it gets accepted by all.

Last date of acceptance __________________ [(dd/mm/yy) mention the last date of accepting the following ideas]

Download Idea Presentation Template in Word Format


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