New Product Template

June 29, 2011

A new product template is used to advertise a new product launched by a company. Such a template should essentially contain the details of the product, its usage and its effectiveness. This may also contain a comparative study with other similar products from different companies. As a result, these give the consumers the proper means to compare and contrast two similar products and thus choose the better one.

Sample new product template

Brand name of the new product: ________________________________________

Name of the company that launched the product: ____________________________

Typical ingredients/ factors of the product: ______________________________________

Basic purpose of the product: _____________________________________________

Usage of the product: ____________________________________________________

Estimated price of the product in the market: _________________________________

Tentative date from when the product will be available in the market: –/–/—- [dd / mm / yyyy]

Safety measures to be undertaken during the usage of the product: _______________________________________________________

Comments from the manufacturers: __________________________________________________________

Download New Product Template in Word Format


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