Product Brochure Template

June 29, 2011

In a Product it is necessary that a brochure is correctly designed so it may be effective in promoting your product, putting special consideration to its over-all manifestation and the purpose it will serve to your clientele. It epitomizes your company’s variety of products and facilities. It is consequently significant to cautiously plan for the product brochure’s design for it to effectively serve its purpose.

Sample Product Brochure Template

Product name _______________________ (Title of product)

Company name ___________________________ (name of the creator company)

Contact Information________________________ (contact information of the company)

Scope of the product ________________ (brief description of the product)

Picture ______________________ (An image of the product)

Features of the product __________________ (the main highlights of the product and why it is so beneficial)

Utilities of the product __________________ (the needs for using the product)

Statistics ____________________ (statistics to compare the utility of the product over other similar products)

Specifications__________________ (the technologies utilised to create the product)

Download Product Brochure Template in Word Format


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