Product Manual Template

June 29, 2011

A product manual is a usage instruction guide to guide the customer on using the product in the right manner. It comes with a clear set of instruction along with description of each part of the product. It also comes with clear precautionary measures and how to overcome dangers if any during usage. To utilise a product fully following a user manual is essential and necessary.

Sample Product Manual Template

Name of product _______________________________

Company name ______________________ (name of manufacturer)

Product warranty _______________________________ (product guarantee of the company)

Condition during sale ___________________________

Installation guide ___________________ (step by step instruction of installation)

Overview ____________________ (detailed description of product)

Picture ___________________ (labelled diagram of every part of the merchandise)

Specification _______________ (detailed understanding of materials utilised in the product)

Features ____________________ (highlights of the features present in the product with description of their usage by user)

Precautions __________________ (note of caution against probable dangers which can occur during product usage)

Download Product Manual Template in Word Format


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