Product Website Template

June 29, 2011

A product website template is the one in which a product and its features is brought to the fore front by the owner and its team. A product website is the site officially created by the company in order to endorse the product. The features, specifications, utility and functionality of the product are brought forth.

Sample Product Website Template

Product name __________________________ (title of the product)

Description______________________________ (A short briefing regarding the product)

Price ___________________ (cost of the product)

Utility _____________________ (the functionality of the product is described)

Features_______________________ (the highlights of the product and what makes it different)

Specifications__________________________ (particulars or the materials needed to create the product along with shape and size)

Picture ____________________ (image of the product)


Product name 1 ______________________

Product name 2_______________________________

Main highlights / features _____________________________ (beneficial features of product 1 over the features of product 2)

Functionality _____________________________ (utilities of product 1 over those of product 2)

Download Product Website Template in Word Format


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