Grant Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A grant proposal template comes with a complete set of financial statements, usually by an organisation or foundation or by any individual from a profit oriented company. Such template must carry the financial request and the related details.
Sample Grant Proposal Template
Proposal number: ______________________ [mention the registration number of the proposal]
Proposal date: _______________________, 2010.
[Mention the date of entry of proposal]
Applicant: _________________________ [name of the person demanding the grant]
Name of organisation: __________________ [name of grant demanding company]
Address: ______________________________
Name of the organisation: _________________________ [name of the organisation
which will grant the proposal]
[Contact details of both the parties involved is to be given]
Purpose of the grant: ________________________
Amount of grant: $__________________________
[Complete break-up of the grant amount is to be provided here].
Name of applicant: ____________________________
Name and seal of the grant accepting organisation: _________________________
[both parties signing will be forced to obey this proposal hence forth]
Download Grant Proposal Template in Word Format

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