Program Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A program proposal template is an official document drafted when in individual proposes to organize a program in an organization or an educational institution. The template should have details like the name of the program and the list of events taking place in the program. The reason and cost for organizing the program should also be mentioned.
Sample Program Proposal Template
I, ________________ [name of the individual] working as _________________ [designation] in the ____________ [name of the department] would like to organize a program on ______________ [date of organizing the program in dd/mm/yy format] by the name of ________________ [name of the program to be organized].
The purpose for organizing this program for ______________________________________________
_______________________________ [reason for organizing the program].  The details of the event are listed below:
[Itinerates of the program]
The total cost required for organizing the program is ______________ [amount in dollars]. It would be great if I could get your approval to organize this program.
Download Program Proposal Template in Word Format

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