Software Development Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A software development proposal template is an official document prepared to put forward a proposal to develop software in an organization. The software can be developed for daily operation of the organization or may be for an external client. The template has details like the reason for developing the software and the purpose it will solve.
Sample Software Development Proposal Template
[Name of the organization]
Submitted by: _______________ [name of the individual submitting the proposal]
_____________________ [designation of the individual]
The software is being developed to _____________________________________________ [purpose of developing the software].
The software will be developed by ___________________ [name of the department] under the supervision of ____________________ [name of the person supervising the software].
Designing process of the proposed software:
[Steps for developing the software]
The total cost that will be incurred in the software is ______________________ [cost required for the software development]. The whole process will take _______________ [time required for developing the software].

Download Software Development Proposal Template in Word Format

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