Software Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A software proposal is a succinct document pitching a particular company’s software to another bidding company. A software proposal template must thus be farmed with all the details of the proposed offer as well as the bidding firm’s outline and plan to complete the project successfully.
Sample Software Proposal Template
Name: _____________________________________________ [mention the name of the bidding company]
Name of proposed software: ____________________________ [mention the name of the software that is to be offered]
The benefits of this software include: ___________________________________________________________________
[An outline of the advantages of using the software must be given]
Our reasons for developing this new software: ________________________________________________________________
[Mention the benefits of this new software and its edge over other similar softwares]
The price we expect to sell this product at: __________________________________________
[Mention the approximate cost of the software]
Our previous such softwares and their performance in the competitive market: ________________________________________________________
[Mention the practical efficacy and success of previously developed softwares]
Our objective: _______________________________________________________
[Give relevant details]
Date: _____________ [dd/mm/yy]

Download Software Proposal Template in Word Format

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