Tender Proposal Template

June 29, 2011

A tender proposal template is a formal document written by an organization to provide any kind of service to an organization at a certain cost. The details included in the template include the reason for interest of taking the tender, number of days for which the service will be valid and also the advantages of the offer that the individual is making.
Sample Tender Proposal Template
_____________ [company logo]
______________ [company name]
Tender proposal number: ___________
Title of the tender proposal: _____________
The tender proposal is being submitted by __________ [name of the company submitting the proposal].  Our company was established on _______________ [the year in which the company started its operations]. We have been specializing in _________________________ [services in which the company specializes].
We will provide services to your company at a cost of________________ [cost in dollars].
If you are fine with all the terms and conditions you can put your signature below.
____________________                                               __________________ [signature]
(Signature of the client)                 __________      [name of the employee]
__________ [designation]

Download Tender Proposal Template in Word Format

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