Auto Purchase Agreement Template

June 30, 2011

An auto purchase agreement is necessary to act as a contract between the buyer and seller. It includes the terms of the purchase agreement. The template can be customized to fit the particular specifications of every agreement. The agreement must be signed by both the seller and buyer and it must include description of the auto purchase. Below is a sample auto purchase agreement.

Sample Auto Purchase Agreement Template

Name of seller ________________________
Co-owner __________________________
Address ___________________________
State, city, zip code __________________
Name of buyer ______________________
Co-owner __________________________
Address ___________________________
State, city, zip code __________________
Auto description
Year __________________________
Make __________________________
Color __________________________
Body style ______________________
Description of model _________________________________
VIN ___________________________
State title _________________________________
Mileage ____________________________
Disclosure and warranty
Auto selling price ______________________________
Seller and buyer declare that the statements herein are true and accurate
Seller signature ___________________________ Date ________________________
Buyer signature ___________________________ Date ________________________

Download Auto Purchase Agreement Template in Word Format

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