Business Analysis Questionnaire Template

June 30, 2011

Business Analysis Questionnaire template is a document that presents the layout and contents of a business analysis questionnaire. The questionnaire should analyse the current and future state of the business by questioning the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Sample Business Analysis Questionnaire template:

Name of the Business: ________________________________

Current State of operations

1. What has been the percentage of profit growth in the last three years in the firm?

____________ _____________ ______________

1. What are the key company strengths? ____________ ____________ _____________


1. Name your closest competitors? __________________________________
2. Rank your company vis-a-vis your competitors with Rank 1 suggesting the highest rank? _______________________________________________________
3. What are the key company threats?

_____________ ______________ ____________

Future Scenario

1. Is the competition likely to toughen in the future? Yes / No [Underline your choice]
2. What is the investment in R&D as a percentage of total investment of retained earnings in the company? ______________________
3. Mention some of the medium term [2-5 years] goals of the organization?
1. What are the future opportunities for the success of the business?

Download Business Analysis Questionnaire Template in Word Format

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