Education Questionnaire Template

June 30, 2011

Education questionnaire template is a ready to use document prepared to know the satisfaction level of the students and their parents with the current education standards. This questionnaire template is the combination of fundamental educational questions.

Sample Education Questionnaire Template:

Name of the student: _______________
Enrolment Number: _______________
Name of the educational institute: ________________
Date of birth: ____/ _____/ _____ [provide the basic information of the student]
Q1. You are pursuing:
•    A diploma
•    A course
•    Graduation
•    Post Graduation
Q2. Are you happy with the educational & infrastructure facilities of this institution?
•    Yes
•    No
•    Can’t say
Q3. How did you find the hostel canteen and surrounding facilitates?
•    Very impressive
•    Good
•    Fair
Q4. Would you like to complete your study here?
•    Yes
•    No
Q5. How satisfy are you with the library and internet facilities of the institution?
•    Very satisfied
•    Satisfactory
•    Somewhat satisfactory
Q6. Please rate your overall satisfaction level of studying with this education institution?
•    Excellent
•    Very good
•    Good
•    Average

Download Education Questionnaire Template in Word Format

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