Employment Questionnaire Template

June 30, 2011

An employment questionnaire template is executed as a ready to use questionnaire document, which is being filled by the job seekers. Such a questionnaire includes simple employment questions and is conducted by the government and corporate HR departments.

Sample Employment Questionnaire Template:

Name of the Person: ____________________
Name of the company/ employer: _____________
Date of participation: ____/ _____/ ______ [these details are filled by the candidate who is willing to participate in this questionnaire]
Please choose the right option to complete this questionnaire:
Q1. You are a:
•    Diploma holder
•    Graduate
•    Post graduate
Q2. Please choose the education field in which you are qualified:
•    Engineering
•    Medical
•    Fashion & beauty
•    Construction
•    Others: _____________
Q3. Are you looking for an employment?
•    Yes
•    No
Q4. You are interested in:
•    A private part time job
•    A government job
•    A full time job
Q5. Are you seeking any kind of career advice?
•    Yes
•    No can’t say
Q6. Please write a few details about yourself?

Download Employment Questionnaire Template in Word Format

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