Interview Questionnaire Template

June 30, 2011

An interview questionnaire template is one of the most widely used templates, which is a ready to execute for the interview purpose. From small to huge organizations and other firms use this template for evaluating the professional skills of a candidate to appoint a deserving contender.

Sample Interview Questionnaire Template:

Name of the candidate: ______________
Date of birth: ___/ ___/ ___
Age: _________________
Experience duration: _________________
E-mail id: __________________________
Date of interview: _________/ _______/ _______ [these details are filled by the concerned interview department]
Q1. Tell us something about your overall candidature?
Q2. Why do you think that you are eligible for this job?
Q3. How effective are you in meeting deadlines for completing the targets?
Q4. Can you work under stress and immense pressure?
•    Yes
•    No
Q5. What are your salary expectations?
Q6. Can you sign a bound with us for particular work duration?
•    Yes
•    No
Q7. If we hire you when can you join us?
Download Interview Questionnaire Template in Word Format

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