Marketing Questionnaire Template

June 30, 2011

A marketing questionnaire template is the initial level document considered by the management before making essential decisions about the launch and marketing of the products. Such a questionnaire is provided to the authorized person, who has to fill them by evaluating the overall data.

Sample marketing Questionnaire Template:

Name of the company: ______________
Name of Product: _______________
Date: ___/ ___/ ___ [the concerned person will fill the essential details]
Q1. What is the best strategy to market the product on the international level?
•    Electronic Media
•    Print media
•    Effective marketing material
•    Local marketing techniques
Q2. How do you rate the market price decided for the product?
•    Affordable
•    Cheap
•    Costly
•    Very costly
Q3. Can medium class people afford this product at the offered price?
•    Yes
•    No
•    Can’t say
Q4. What is the best market option available for selling this product?
•    Online techniques
•    Vendor sales programs
•    Dealers and agents
•    Retails outlets
Q5. Is this product easily available and accessible?
•    Yes
•    No
Q6. Write down the important suggestions for effective improvements in marketing strategies.
Download Marketing Questionnaire Template in Word Format

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